A Varied Portfolio

Karen has never shied away from experimenting with various medium and subject matter. Unlike artists who choose to excel in only one medium – and in some cases, one subject matter, Karen thrives on trying anything which tickles her fancy. Though she works primarily in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and graphite, she has also produced stunning work in Chinese watercolors, spray paint and sculpting clay, to name a few.

Karen considers herself quite fortunate to have won a variety of first place ribbons and awards in juried art exhibitions and contests. Her work has been proudly displayed in the following galleries.

Galleries (past and present):

  • Background Gallery – Victoria, British Columbia
  • Touchstone Gallery – Yellowknife, North West Territories
  • House of Fine Arts – Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Toa Chen’s Gallery – Yellowknife, North West Territories
  • Arctic Art – Yellowknife, North West Territories
  • The Artisan – Sudbury, Ontario
  • Sudbury Fine Art – Sudbury, Ontario
  • A Little Something – Sudbury, Ontario
  • The Attic – Sudbury, Ontario
  • Art Mode Gallery – Ottawa, Ontario

– Roger Laferriere (husband and sometimes business manager)