Every year, Karen begins creating personalized pet portrait Christmas balls a few months before the holidays so as to create the perfect gift for pet lovers. More so than any of her other paintings, the pet portrait Christmas balls have produced far more of an emotional response from those who’ve received them.

I’ve personally seen grown men shed tears when picking up commissioned Christmas balls, as the pets in question happened to have passed away… some recently, some many years before. We love our pets, and seeing them on a ball hanging from a Christmas tree branch is heartwarming.

Karen has painted a variety of pets on Christmas balls, from the traditional cats and dogs, to guinea pigs and various birds. In each case, the recipient has seen their pet’s likeness and character in the miniature portrait.


These balls start at $50 and progress upward depending on complexity and the time required to do the pet justice on a Christmas ball. Commissions are also subject to scheduling and workload (depending on how many are ordered in that season). If you are interested in commissioning a personalized pet portrait Christmas ball, email, a clear photo of the pet to Karen. She will advise of the cost and date by which the ball can be completed -and in the case of customers outside of Ottawa, shipped.

– Roger Laferriere (husband and sometimes business manager)